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Supporting Microfinance

I don’t remember when or how I found the microfinance charity, Lendwithcare. One of those serendipity moments. An internet search takes you down an interesting path. The concept appealed to me immediately and I have been a supporter ever since.

Set out succinctly on <Lendwithcare’s website> a loan from you can change someone’s life:

  • You lend – your loan can get an entrepreneur started
  • They Grow – you get updates as their business grows
  • They Repay – they are up and running and your loan is repaid
  • You lend again – help another entrepreneur

Set up in 2010, a revolutionary way to help people in the developing world to transform their lives. A brilliant way to help people determined to work themselves out of poverty.

I worked in many countries, managing projects to improve agribusinesses and food distribution. A real pleasure was to find entrepreneurs – young and old – who had exciting ideas. Change and growth happens because of individuals. Projects tend to work in large sums of money at the macro level. Often it was difficult, well-nigh impossible, to find the small sums of money to take a small step forward. Plenty of advice but not that drop of WD to unfreeze the system.

A Record of Supporting Entrepreneurs

Lendwithcare is a small team, working hard to ensure that your money is lent responsibly and fairly . This small team has facilitated 350,000 loans from over 33,000 lenders to more than 45,000 entrepreneurs. Loans are made through 13 Microfinance Institution partners in ten countries.
The payback to the lender is far greater than the loan repayment!
iGo Labs Ltd set up Golfcrowd.online to organise global events and raise funds for good causes. I am fortunate to play in different countries as a member of local clubs. I like the idea of playing in the same competition as the members of my clubs in UK, in Australia and in Sweden. That was what planted the idea of a global golf competition. It would be a great way to use our marketing budget; the firm promise is that all entry fees go 100% direct to charity.
We look forward to seeing the charities that will benefit from our first Event, celebrating International Women’s Day. There will be Captain’s charities; people’s own personal favourites, the partner charities of IWD, Catalyst & WAGGS.
And our nominated charity Lendwithcare.

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The Golf Crowd Lending Team

Until the special donation page is live and working, donations can be made through the <Golf Crowd team>  It is a simple process to sign up and make a loan. Existing Lendwithcare supporters will know how it works – any problems, just get in touch and we will be really pleased to help.
The Golf Crowd team has made over 50 loans –as the record below demonstrates, small loans have BIG impact:



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